Wheels Coming Summer '13


We believe nothing makes your bike feel faster than good wheels. With improved cornering, acceleration, stiffness, handling and toughness, our carbon fiber, disc specific, rims offer a great upgrade to any bike. We think they're tough as hell too, which is why they are all backed by our 5 year warranty.


No.9 70mm Wide Carbon Fat Rim

70mm Width / Tubeless Ready / 32H / DISC

Matte unidirectional carbon finish
65mm inner / 70mm outer rim width
5.0" max recommended tire width
575g rim weight
30psi max tire pressure
537mm Effective Rim Diameter, including Stainless nipple washer
Includes tubeless tape, valve stem, spoke washers
Rider weight limit - 300lbs
5 year Whisky warranty
ASTM Condition 3 - For rough off-road riding and jumps less than 24"

  • RM2604 MATTE

No.7 30/25 Carbon Rim

30mm depth - 25mm width / 32h / Disc

Engineered for Disc brake forces
UD High Modulus Carbon with matte finish
6k weave in spoke bed for added strength
2.00 Max recommended tire width
30mm depth - 25mm O.D / 17mm I.D width
460g rim weight
110psi max tire pressure
No rider weight limit
5 year Whisky warranty
ASTM Condition 2 - For off-road riding and jumps less than 12"

  • RM2600 - Matte