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No.9 50w Rim

Designed around 27.5” x 3” tires, our No.9 50w rim brings plus to life. You’ll instantly feel the increased traction and stability of plus tires coupled with the stiffness and low rolling weight of the rim. Lighten up your plus bike or throw a set on your fat bike for lightweight, summer wheelset.

Wheel Size 27.5"
Spoke Drilling 32 h
ERD 565 mm
Inner Width 44.5 mm
Outer Width 50 mm
Rim Depth 21 mm
Bead Type TBLS
ASTM Rating Condition 3
Brake Type Disc
Tire Fitment 2.8" - 3.5"
Max PSI 30 psi
Tubeless Yes
Weight 525 g
Part Number RM2611

50w rims are designed to properly support full sized 2.8-3.5” plus tires and their huge volume.