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No.9 70w Rim

Trail riders, fatbike racers, and ultra-endurance athletes looking to add a refined, lightweight, tubeless wheelset to their fat bikes need look no further than our No.9 70w rim. While it’s optimized for use with 3.8”–4.6” tires, it’s compatible with tires up to 5.05” wide. It utilizes a double-wall construction to ensure a sturdy, stout rim profile that maximizes cornering stability. With an inner width of 65mm, fat tires mimic the look and feel of traditional mountain bike tires when mounted to the 70w. That combo offers unmatched trail-attacking traction with a confidence-boosting wide footprint, making it one of the most versatile fat rims on the market.

Wheel Size 26"
Spoke Drilling 32 h
ERD 539 mm
Inner Width 65 mm
Outer Width 70 mm
Rim Depth 21.3 mm
Bead Type TBLS w/ Hooks
ASTM Rating Condition 3
Brake Type Disc
Tire Fitment 3.8" - 5.05"
Max PSI 30 psi
Tubeless Yes
Weight 575 g
Part Number RM2604

The width of this rim offers a mtb-like ride characteristics with fat tires. Ideally suited to all season use.