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No.9 80w Rim

80w rims offer 27.5” fatbike users a light weight, easily tubeless platform. They help maximize the inherent rollover and longer contact patch 27.5” fat tires offer, while combating the weight penalty a larger diameter alloy rim can exhibit. True to form as our other rims, our TBLS beads offer secure tire performance at low pressures.

Wheel Size 27.5"
Spoke Drilling 32 h
ERD 562 mm
Inner Width 77 mm
Outer Width 83 mm
Rim Depth 21 mm
Bead Type TBLS Hookless
ASTM Rating Condition 3
Brake Type Disc
Tire Fitment 3.8" - 4.5"
Max PSI 30 psi
Tubeless Yes
Weight 690 g
Suggested Weight Limit 300 lbs
Part Number RM2605