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MTN Selection Guide

May 31, 2019

To complement the Whisky drop bar collection, we have a full lineup of bars to suit your next mountain bike (or commuter or fixed-gear) build.

Our No.9 mountain bike bars utilize a full unidirectional carbon construction for a light and compliant ride. They also come in a wide variety of fit options to suit whatever or however you ride.

Running a 31.8 stem clamp? Our No.9 bars comes in two flavors: flat and riser. The flat bar has 0mm of rise and 0 degrees of upsweep for an aggressive riding position. The riser comes with 25mm of rise and 5 degrees of upsweep for a more upright position that improves control and comfort. Both variations feature 9 degrees of backsweep and are available in 720mm, 760mm, 800mm and 840mm lengths.

Our 35.0mm stem clamp bars are perfect for the aggressive bike in your life. Like our 31.8mm bars, they’re available in flat (0 degrees of upsweep) or 25mm riser (5 degrees of upsweep) variations. Both offer a comfortable 9 degrees of backsweep. With a width of 840mm, they’ll provide plenty of leverage for picking precise lines on the trail.

All of our flat and riser bars have marked ends so you can easily cut them down to the exact width you want. These bars are rated to ASTM Condition 3 and are suitable for rough off-road riding and jumps less than 24”. Get a full look at all of our flat and riser bars here.