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Engin Ultimate Bicycle

​In his own words, master frame builder Drew Guldalian from Engin Cycles in Philadelphia, PA described this as “quite possibly the ultimate bicycle”, and we can’t really argue with that. Like everything Drew makes, the frame is made from high strength titanium, which, combined with ample tires and a suite of Whisky carbon parts, allow this bike to tackle everything but a bonafide mountain decent.

The shadowy black and purple color scheme could easily draw your attention away from the fine details that make this a virtual Swiss Army knife of a bike, with a slew of features that allow this bike to be tailored for gravel tours, cross races, or even just the daily commute. To that end, it includes adjustable drop outs for single speed set-ups, a custom made, hollow chainstay yoke to fit both one and two speed chainrings, and an internally routed dropper seatpost controlled by the left hand shifter. Most importantly, the whole thing was personally fitted to suit it’s particularly tall rider. With this bike, N+1 might just become a thing of the past.

The Engin Cycles Ultimate Bicycle on paper:

• Custom fitted titanium frame

• Whisky No.9 carbon 12mm CX Fork

• Whisky No.9 30w rims with White Industries hubs

• Internally routed dropper post

• Adjustable rear dropouts

To learn more about Engin Cycles, check them out at Or read part 1 of our interview with Drew Guldalian!